When “Black Skinhead” came out, everyone compared it to Marilyn Manson, even though it sounded much more like a Gary Glitter sample. As it turns out, however, the perfect complement to the cathartic track is “Elephant,” the riff monster at the center of Tame Impala’s acclaimed 2012 effort Lonerism.¬†This virtuosic mashup was created by Nate Belasco, a friend of ANIMAL and the guy who created those Newsbeats videos we were so wild about last election season.

“I heard the new Kanye song ‘Black Skinhead’ and the bluesy/fuzzy riff and the driving beat immediately reminded of Tame Impala’s ‘Elephant,'” Belasco explained to ANIMAL. “So I layered the songs and moved parts around a bit. It just works so perfectly I can’t help but wonder if Kanye was inspired by the Tame Impala song.”