This Bitcoin MDMA Is
Getting Good Reviews

03.24.14 Marina Galperina

Is the dramatic death of bitcoin’s oldest exchange Mt.Gox and the subsequent hacking of CoinEx getting you down? Do you need a little pick-you-up to get re-inspired by the possibilities of crypto-currency? Do you live in Europe? Because we hear this Yellow Bitcoin is good stuff. (Please don’t die.)

Someone from Reddit just encountered it in the restroom of a club in Switzerland. It’s “A good 200mg banger!” according to multiple reviews on PillReports.com. “192-203mg of MDMA, was forwarded the mass spectrum from a Dutch test centre, spike looked pretty good but was still dubious, not many pills have hit the 200mg mark of late.” (True.) It’s even “Labtested @ 196mg MDMA.” A bitcoin that is stable in value. Imagine that. (Image: Goodius)