Bold Tabloid Takes on NYC’s Real Fat Cats…

07.22.13 Bucky Turco

Hot dog vendors! The New York Post is seriously “reporting” that those guys you see on the street corners making food over a sweltering grill are practically sweating gold bullion.

The paper notes how one hot dog vendor with a great location near Macy’s, makes about $250 a day on average or $400 when business is really good. According to the Post, these extremely hard workers “make a killing” and pay no rent while retail outlets in the area “average $600 per square foot a month,” because clearly, these two industries and occupations are identical and worthy of comparison.

Or take the guy who sells ice cream–clearly a seasonal job–a few blocks north of the Empire State Building. He reportedly “makes a cool $700 on a good day” while “retail rents run upward of $500 per square foot.”

The paper mentions the low price of vendor’s pay for a license and tax ID number, but there’s absolutely NO MENTION of the federal/state/city taxes they pay or the costs of running these food carts, because that wouldn’t work with their narrative.

Wait till the Post, which I thought championed the working man and capitalism, finds out how much wealthy landscapers pull in… And they only work in the summer. Previously: “Tabloid’s “Exclusive” Food Stamp-Foreign Aid Story Stacked With Bullshit.”

(Photo: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)