To celebrate the launch of its new “Nutella bar,” Eataly will be giving away the brown stuff for free this evening. Alas, you won’t be able to snag an entire jar — the giveaway is limited to one slice of Nutella’d bread.

The Village Voice explains what goes on at a place that deals exclusively in chocolate-hazelnut spread:

New York’s Nutella bar will offer the classic colazione all’italiana and merenda all’italiana— that bread spread with Nutella, which serves as both a traditional breakfast and snack in the Mediterranean. “Every Italian grew up with this,” says Borri. You can also get the hazelnut-chocolate goop on croissants, crepes, and cookies, all of which are made in house, and you can pick up jars to take home.

Pair your treat to a coffee, which will be on offer, too.

Free Nutella starts at 5pm at Eataly.

(Photo: @TOF2006)