Larry David Bestowed With Highest Honor: Graffitied Dicks

March 18, 2024 | Bucky Turco

Above: the two dicks as they appear in real life.

“Life imitating art.” That’s how rabble rousing art collective INDECLINE describes the LA billboard they smartly-vandalized, so it looks like the one that recently appeared on HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm. In the episode, character Susie Green promotes her new business Catch as Caftan with a prominent billboard, but it quickly gets altered via painted dicks to the delight of co-stars Larry David and Jeff Green aka Jeff Garlin. They argue that the childish graffiti will only help Susie’s venture and give her a “post-penis bump.”

After the episode aired, HBO erected a real life version of the Catch as Caftan billboard—minus the penises—on Santa Monica Boulevard. When it was revealed on the show’s Instagram last week, fans and the cast alike, were practically begging the public to make it more authentic. “Someone should put a dick up there. Maybe two,” commented Jeff Garlin.

After witnessing this opportune moment on social media and with some goading from friends and supporters, INDECLINE sprung into action the next day, well night, and took responsibility for the unsanctioned embellishment:

“A few nights ago, we watched in awe as one of our favorite pastimes, “billboard liberation”, was incorporated into the latest episode. We received a flood of texts and DMs about the existence of the billboard in Los Angeles and even saw that Jeff Garlin was on Instagram calling for it to be altered. So, as a thank you to Larry David, for his contribution to the field of art imitating life, we give you our contribution to the practice of life imitating art.”

ANIMAL reached out to INDECLINE to confirm this was all their doing and not some graffiti co-opting marketing stunt. “This was a pure guerilla mission on our part,” wrote back Indecline. “No corporate funds necessary. Just some climbing skills and a good lookout.”