Hero’s Journey, Not Told By Your English Teacher

January 2, 2013 | Irina Dvalidze

We all know the term “Hero’s Journey.” Every high school English teacher has tried to beat the formula into unwilling heads, in an effort to simplify the story-line for Beowulf and every monomyth ever.

If only there was a simpler, more entertaining way to deliver that information to bored kids that didn’t include stick-figure doodles on a chalkboard. Thanks to TED Education, now there it.

Mathew Winkler sums up the concept of “Hero’s Journey,” extensively discussed in Joseph Campbell’s book “The Hero With a Thousand Faces” through a sleek 4 minute animation, that is actually relevant to the Generation Z (Also known as the iGeneration and Generation@. We wish we were kidding.).

Alright, maybe you don’t care about the Harry Potter and Hunger Games analogies because you are old, but tween/teens are gonna read, gonna read, gonna read.