Hello, New York Perverts!

January 3, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Let’s play a game. Not that kind. Put your pants back on… What is that contraption called?… Hmm. Now zip ’em and focus.

Flip trough this gallery of NYC’s kink community that Danny Ghitis is working on. For his project The Fetlife (Sup, Flavorwire?), Ghitis went beyond photographing various deviants in their natural environments — dungeons and swinger’s clubs and whatnot — and instead, he went home with them. It took some smooth social finagling to coax Fetlife.com users to let him take these portraits inside their personal home spaces, but the results look very nice. There’s a 90’s aesthetic to them, no?

So, the game then. Who of all these fet-#YOLOs above is “a submissive into rape role-play,” “a transgender age-player,” “an anti-escape artist,” “a dominant leader of a werewolf pack,” “a pansexual dominant diva” or “a polyamorous bisexual student interested in the sexual power struggle?” Who indeed.