Ryan McGinley’s Sigur Rós Video, Coming Soon to a Cab Near You

January 4, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Starting January the 9th, you may enjoy the ambient Icelandic sounds of Sigur Rós and the visuals of Ryan McGinley — the New York photographer best known for putting attractive naked crotches next to sparklers and dangerous animals — right there in your taxi! Watch a thinly-dressed girl bouncing in slow-motion through traffic on New York’s most recognizable streets and highways. Her sparkly yellow wig leaves sparkly yellow trails. You’re going to have a magical time.

The art short “TDB,” brought to 3,000 New York cabs by the Art Production Fund, is a 30-second version of the video above that McGinley did for “Varúð” as part of the Sigur Rós Valtari project. One of the other Sigur Rós videos in the project was Alma Har’el’s “Fjogur piano” featuring taxidermied butterflies, broken glass back-carving and Shia LaBeouf’s penis. So, we could have had that. 

McGinely tells the New York Times:

It’s something I made this summer around the city, guerrilla style, with no permits or anything. In the four or five days we shot it barely anyone acknowledged her.

As opposed to all the other odd-looking people skipping through traffic around here that definitely, definitely get acknowledged.

But hey, this is pretty ace.