Staten Islanders Propose Putting Armed Retired Cops in Schools

January 7, 2013 | Andy Cush

In the wake of the deadly school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, a proposal put forth to Staten Island’s Community Education Council would have the city hire hundreds of retired police officers to work as armed security guards in New York City schools, rotating around the city’s 1,1750 schools. It’s unclear whether the guards would be there to discipline students, a la the arrest-happy unarmed safety agents already in place, or if they’d strictly be operating on shooting defense duty. Either way, Mayor Bloomberg has already said he’s having none of it, calling the proposal a “terrible idea” and referring to to a similar idea raised by the NRA as indicative of a “paranoid, dystopian vision of a more dangerous and violent America where everyone is armed and no place is safe.”

(Photo: mynameisgeebs/Flickr)