Artist Slightly Overreacts to the Sandy Hook Shooting

January 8, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Usually, we have no problem giving self-proclaimed political artist Michael D’Antuono criticism for dramatic painterly exaggerations of news stories, from the President holding Osama Bin Laden’s decapitated, bullet-ridden head over a cliff to Trayvon Martin as a little child about to be shot by a KKK cop. While the critic in me should be going hard on his melodramatic display of blood-splattered baby to blocks because it’s almost in bad taste… Have you seen NRA’s Kids Stuff for sale? It’s pretty disgusting. And also this bib. Have you seen this bib? “This terry cloth baby bib proudly displays the building blocks of Second Amendment protection, ‘NRA.'”

Suddenly this commentary on the NRA’s response to the horrific Elementary Sandy Hook shooting is less melodramatic in context.

The hard-hitting piece depicts blood splattered school items scattered on a classroom floor including children’s wooden play blocks displaying the letters “N”, “R” and “A.”

I wouldn’t have used the word “hard-hitting,” but maybe that’s an overreaction.

And those are clearly pistol brass casings on the ground here, we’re being told. It’s from the wrong gun because the shooter used an assault rifle.

We’re also being told to stop posting about D’Antuono.