You Too Can Have a Pile of Money: Thanks, Art!

January 11, 2013 | Marina Galperina

ANIMAL favorite Rollin Leonard brings his group show “Parcel” to the Bronx this weekend. The traveling show’s conceit of keeping art shipping costs to a minimum bred a theme — all art is made of small parts — “bits & pieces put together to present a semblance of a whole” — folds flat and fits into cardboard tubes, including this GIGANTIC pile of MONEY by Anthony Antonellis, each brick made of a single sheet of laserjet paper and worth $30K. Oh, and here’s a brick of money, just for you, millionaire.

Other pieces include two glitched-out, pink and digi-fleshy works by Sarah Weis and Emilie Gervais of Blinking Girls, produced together but remotely, with Weis based in the US and Gervais in France, as well as Lorna Mill’s Zen Dog — a scanned ceramic sculpture printed on paper and glazed with several layers of acrylic — from Canada. And more, more beautiful things!

This show can fit in a suitcase. This show brought like-spirited artists together from IP addresses countries and continents apart. This show travelled light down from Portland, Maine to the Bronx, IRL. This show is giving me tingly good feelings. See you there.

“Parcel,” Anthony Antonellis, USA; Kim Asendorf, Germany; Emilie Gervais, France; Rollin Leonard, USA; Lorna Mills, Canada; Yoshi Sodeoka, USA; Sarah Weis, USA; Curated by Rollin Leonard, Jan 16 – 26, Reception Jan 12 8-10pm, Bronx Art Space, The Bronx, New York