Matthew Barney’s Skateboard
Marks Up Detroit

January 14, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Juxtapoz magazine recently created a pop-up skatepark and a high-profile collaborative art installation where there were only vacant commercial lots.

A few years ago, they fundraised $150,000 and worked in the same foreclosed Detroit neighborhood to refurbish homes with inspired, attention-garnering aid of artists Swoon, Retna, Ben Wolf, Richard Colman, Monica Canilao, and Saelee Oh.

This time around, they invited the blue chip artist Matthew Barney with all his renowned art world mega-swag and skating legend Lance Mountain. Barney designed a skateboard deck with a graphite attachment. Mountain skated it all over the park. There were some lines made. It was art. Documentation above. Watch part two here.

The result was a little similar what D*Face did with in a pool with spray paint only looked less cool. How much did that wax sell for as an art object, you know, the wax that Barney was slithering in when after he attempted to climb a wax-slathered Guggenheim wall for a grand, grand surreal video performance opus? Sell that deck. For Detroit.