South Carolina Resort Opens Its Doors to Displaced Brooklynites

January 14, 2013 | Andy Cush

To do his part for Hurricane Sandy relief, South Carolina hotel owner Hans Trupp says he’s cutting his rates for any Brooklynite who wants to stay in his newly renovated beach resort: a monthly stay, which would ordinarily cost $3,069, will set Kings County residents back a paltry $650–well below what many pay for rent.

Which would all be well and good if it weren’t for the apparent condescension with which Trupp paints the borough, reimagining the entire area as a kind of post-apocalyptic wasteland. “Instead of being stuck in some apartment in Brooklyn that’s 400-square-foot, [where you’re] afraid to go out on the street, we’re in the middle 120,000 acres of national park land, and a 71,000 acre lake, and the best golf courses in the country,” he said. “You can be relaxing in South Carolina, while you deal with the disaster in Brooklyn.”

(Photo: eutrophication&hypoxia/Flickr)