Put Your Face Here,
Become Really Really Net Art

January 15, 2013 | Marina Galperina

We had so much fun putting our faces into things with Overlayer from ANIMAL favorite OKFocus

But wait, there’s more. From artsits Pinar&ViolaDAZED and OKFocus, here’s a fresh new set of webcam filters, featuring some complex net art trompe-l’oeils to mug through. Uh, so, we had a lot of fun again … and you can too! There was a demon robot for Bucky, an alien-Egyptian motif for Aymann, one for me with holes in the face for the crazy to come out, one for Nate’s sensitive side and a neat “no-I’m-not-retaking-it” one for Andy. See how much fun?!!!

Do it to it.