Was Lil B Unfairly Blocked From Performing at the Grammys?

January 18, 2013 | Andy Cush

Unitl yesterday, Lil B the Based God, the most positive person on the planet and godfather of the current generation of internet-bred rappers, was on his way to The Gig of a Lifetime. That is to say, he was a nominee in the Grammy-sponsored contest of the same name, which would have B performing at the event, “in front of an audience and webcast to fans around the globe.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Brandon McCartney was not selected. Which would be sad in itself, but to make matters worse, it appears there might be something more nefarious at play here. According to Tumblr-er Declan Murphy and the Daily Dot, Lil B was surreptitiously removed from the contest before voting on the Pacific region closed. He was in second place at the time.

Murphy has started a Change.org petition demanding that the Grammys explain the rapper’s removal. While I can’t imagine this’ll get B down for long, I’ll leave these, some true and inspiring words from perhaps the second-most #based person alive: