Early Keith Haring Mural Unearthed… Inside an Apartment

January 21, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

In the market for some new digs? Check out this 8,200 square foot TriBeCa maisonette, complete with three floors, 19th century adornments, double floor ceilings, factory windows and an original student-era Keith Haring mural.

Yep, and it can all be yours — for just $11.75 million.

The sprawling mural was painted by Haring in 1978, when he was studying at the School of Visual Arts. The young legend created the piece using only shoe polish and alcohol.

Supposedly, when the space was transformed from SVA’s student exhibition hall into a luxury living space, realtors wanted to tear the mural down (Heathens!) but settled on entombing it behind a second wall, where it hid, long forgotten, until it was unearthed in 2007 during renovations. After watching this video of New York Magazine walking through the space, all I can say is how genuinely happy I am for the lucky people who will ultimately purchase the property and have something else to brag about to their fabulous friends at swanky dinner parties over black truffles and caviar. Not at all jealous, just… so… happy!