You Can Buy Ad Space On a Bulgarian’s Face For $99 a Day

January 21, 2013 | Samer Kalaf

A Bulgarian couple in Queens with dreams of grad school are generating income by giving people the opportunity to rent out their faces to say whatever you want. For $99 a day, you tell Lou Milonov or Vessy Angelova what you want them to paint on their cheeks. (You can choose to buy Milonov’s or Angelova’s face at separate sites.) They will then roam around the city for the day, generating attention when pedestrians ask, “Hey, why do you have stuff painted on your face.” Advertising!

It’s a damn good idea, if you sell a lot of days. Milonov and Angelova started January 7, and they’ve already sold 12 days of faces. They do have terms and conditions, so don’t think you can just paint a dick on a Bulgarian’s for a c-note and call it a day. They have standards, dammit.