New Yorkers No Longer Need to Be Employed to Get Employment

January 24, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

Good news for the 9.4% of New Yorkers who are currently jobless: The New York City Council passed a bill yesterday that will prohibit companies from discriminating against unemployed applicants.

Which means, in theory, that frustrated job-seekers will no longer be trapped in the vicious, paradoxical cycle of needing to have a job in order to get a job. Employers and staffing agencies will not be allowed to post ads stating that “unemployed candidates need not apply,” nor will they be permitted to consider an applicant’s current employment status when making hiring decisions. While Mayor Bloomberg has, for some inexplicable reason, vowed to veto the bill (he claims that it is “misguided” and will hurt small businesses), it seems, with a 44-4 vote from City Council, that this illogical practice will henceforth be banned regardless.

“We cannot –- and will not — allow New Yorkers who are qualified and ready to work have the door of opportunity slammed in their faces,” Council Speaker Christine Quinn stated in a press release on Tuesday.

Amen to that! So dust off the old resume, shave off your five o’clock shadow, and go get some job interviews! Because now employers can only discriminate against you for legit reasons… like not having connections to someone who already works at the company…

(Photo: Flickr)