It’s So Cold, Even Murderers are Staying Inside

January 25, 2013 | Andy Cush

There’s an old axiom that says warm weather tends to drive more violent crime. It makes sense–people are out of their houses and interacting with each other more often, and it only follows that some of those interactions are going to be violent. This week in New York City, with its sub-20-degree temperatures, may have proven the inverse of that idea true as well: in a week of bone-chillingly low temperatures–from Wednesday to Wednesday–there were no homicides in the five boroughs.

“The best cop I met was a female and her name was Mother Nature,” said retired NYPD Detective Sergeant Joseph Giacalone. “The bad weather, the cold weather — there are less people out on the streets so there is less chance of victimization.”

(Photo: Ed Yourdon/Flickr)