Here’s a Russian Monkey in a Little Jacket Playing in the Snow

January 28, 2013 | Marina Galperina

This is the second best monkey-related video on the internet.

How’s your Monday going, by the way? Yeah? Yeah, I know. And there’s snow. Not the fun kind.

So here is a seriously cute monkey because BECAUSE. His name is “Vanya.” He’s a Russian monkey. He hops around and shit. Look at him eating snow! LOOK! A little jacket… He is wearing a little jacket. Then he does something cute with his mouth.

Also, there’s currently a terrible epidemic of exotic animals being kept as pets by rich people in Russia and it’s very very terrible so womp womp too all this right here.

That’s a cute monkey though.

And this is the first best monkey-related video on the internet and the best meme-mash-up since Ikea Monkey x Botched Ecce Homo. Hello, James Deen Ikea Monkey. GOOD ACTING. This is good acting.