“Fuck” Painter Wants You
to Call Women Names

January 29, 2013 | Marina Galperina

American artist Betty Tompkins needs your help.

Tompkins specializes in “large scale photorealistic paintings of heterosexual intercourse.” They’re like… very photorealistic. The “Fuck Paintings” were displayed in Miami last year. For her next series of works, the artist wants you to tell you what words you use to describe women.

As per the open email call quoted on Art In the Air, these words can be “can be affectionate (honey), pejorative (bitch), slang, descriptive, etc.” You can do it in any language, just include a rough English translation.

Calling all my laaaadiiieees, gals, bitches, people-who-deserve-as-much-pay-and-respect-in-the-workplace-as-their-male-counterparts? And dudes, etc.