Lifecast With Your Own Pet Mini-Drone, Because Art

January 29, 2013 | Eugene Reznik

In the near future, this tiny pet drone helicopter could hover over your shoulder and monitor everything you do for just 50 bucks. Always Innovating, the company behind the MeCam, isn’t planning on mass producing, but believes a larger company could license the technology and sell the device at bargain prices. Coupled with Twitter’s new Vine app, you could be automatically sharing 6-second video loops of your life with the world all day long.

Why? Because art. Also, because privacy. Take Hasan M. Elahi for example, a media artist and professor who has been sharing all his real time location data, debit transactions and images documenting every hour of his life ever since he was detained by the FBI at a Detroit airport.

If I cut out the middleman and flood the market with my information, the intelligence the F.B.I. has on me will be of no value…My activities may be more symbolic than not, but if 300 million people started sending private information to federal agents, the government would need to hire as many as another 300 million people, possibly more, to keep up with the information and we’d have to redesign our entire intelligence system.

With the pet drone now that seems simple enough.