“Photography” Photography Show at Aperture Strikes SEO Gold

January 30, 2013 | Eugene Reznik

William Eggleston, Nan Goldin, Ryan McGinley, Martin Parr, Terry Richardson, and Stephen Shore — under one roof, on one exhibition bill, with all new work. How?! Turns out, it was pretty simple: #swag.

Vice has the full interview with curator Ken Miller who organized the show, which opens tomorrow at Aperture Foundation, after Fujifilm approached him with their X-Series cameras asking if he could get photographers to use them.

The cameras were really nice, so I was like, ‘Yeah probably, it’s a free camera’… I thought, ‘Fuck it. I’ll just ask ambitiously and worst comes to worst, they’ll say no.’ And amazingly, basically everybody said yes. Of the initial people we asked, only two passed for different reasons. It was remarkably easy.

And while under normal circumstances it would be totally okay to raise an eyebrow at such corporate underwriting, this will in all likelihood be a remarkable exhibition.

“Photography,” Various Artists, Feb 1-Feb 9, Aperture Foundation, New York, Opening Reception Jan 31, 6-9pm. (Lead Photo: Terry Richardson, Courtesy of Ken Miller)