Get Ready For The Anti-7-Eleven Bodega Tour

January 31, 2013 | Samer Kalaf

The anti-7-Eleven subsection of the East Village has made their next move in the fight against Pringle-ization.

A group of East Villagers is planning a tour on Saturday to go visit a number of bodegas and local shops in the area in order to learn more about the store owners (and presumably buy things) in a show of support.

Mike Ahal, one bodega owner, says that you won’t get the same kind of human interaction at a franchise that you would at his store, Poppy’s Gourmet Corner.

It is personal. [Customers] come here because they feel comfortable. My neighbor upstairs, if he doesn’t have 50 cents, he gives it too [sic] me later. That wouldn’t happen at a 7-Eleven.

It’s a battle of character against convenience, and right now, character’s putting on a better fight.

(Photo: EV Grieve)