Let’s Play the Vinepeek Game

February 1, 2013 | Samer Kalaf

Vine, the new app for all your six-second-video-sending needs, is sweeping the nation. And being invaded by porn, naturally, because it’s the internet.

The app can be rather fun, but you only get as many short videos as your friends will send you. What if you just wanted to watch endless Vines (is that what they’re called? have we determined that yet?) from everyone in the world? Vinepeek can do that for you. It’s like channel surfing life, in all its banality.

Let’s play the Vinepeek Game! Points for:

– someone making a cup of coffee
– a baby
– a penis
– an adorable dog
– a Bible verse
– a video title with the words “My first…” in it
– a plate of food being eaten
– a video inside a moving car (double dumb points if the video’s being filmed by the driver)
– a video that could have probably worked as a photo

And go!