Ed Koch Won’t Be Getting That Subway Station After All

February 5, 2013 | Andy Cush

When Rep. Carolyn Maloney announced she would be seeking to have the 77th Street 6 Train station renamed in honor of the late former mayor Ed Koch, the MTA was firm that it wouldn’t happen. Now, Maloney appears to have taken the hint, and is withdrawing her request to make the renaming happen, in favor of something much more reasonable–a photo, plaque, or piece of artwork hanging at the station. “The subway renaming was the first idea that came to Rep. Maloney’s mind,” said a spokesman, “but officially she is looking for any way that will best honor Ed Koch’s legacy at his favorite subway stop.”

However, Spokesman Adam Lisberg wasn’t smitten with any of those ideas either. “We have an Arts for Transit program,” he said. “We do not add plaques to subway stations to honor individuals.”