Teen Proves That Real Weed Is Infinitely Safer Than Fake Weed

February 5, 2013 | Samer Kalaf

Last December, a 16-year old from Texas suffered multiple strokes, hallucinations, migraines and almost death. And the blame for all of these medical conditions? “Potpourri,” that shitty herbal blend that stupid kids are smoking and the media loves to describe as “synthetic marijuana.”

The “potpourri” from a gas station almost cost Emily Bauer her life and resulted in a coma that lasted five days. What wouldn’t have resulted in her being rushed to the ICU? Real weed. In fact, Bauer already occasionally smoked the natural stuff, as her stepfather admits knowing that (but not condoning it) in the CNN article. There aren’t any reports of her going to the emergency room after she smoked real weed.

Not even in terms of legality–although synthetic weed is illegal under federal law, it clearly is easy to buy if one can obtain it at a gas station–but in terms of health, which is better for you: the natural product, or the one pumped with chemicals and unknown ingredients? Our fearless leader Bucky Turco knows what he likes.

(Photo: Slam Szapucki/Flickr)