Of Course Tommy Hilfiger’s Rapper Son Collaborated With the Weeknd

February 6, 2013 | Andy Cush

If you clicked this link, you, like me, were struck with a fit of morbid curiosity after seeing that the son of multi-millionaire fashion mogul Tommy Hilfiger makes rap music. Would this be sub-Chet Haze drivel? Or would Ricky Hil (formerly known as Rich Hil, for anybody keeping score) somehow find something interesting to say, joining the Elite (get it?) ranks of artists from extraordinarily moneyed fashion-world parents who are actually capable of making decent work?

The answer, unfortunately and predictably, is much closer to the former. By the time Ricky finishes the first verse of “Nomads,” his recently released collaboration with the Weeknd, you’re bowled over with so much cheap sex and drug imagery you’re actually looking forward to Abel coming in and lightening things up. Listen below.