We Need to Talk About Lil Poopy

February 6, 2013 | Samer Kalaf

The first time my eyes had the honor of viewing the name “Lil Poopy,” my mind immediately recalled MC Pee Pants, the minor character from Aqua Teen Hunger Force played by MC Chris. But MC Pee Pants is fake, an absurd joke created purely for the sake of laughs. Lil Poopy and his name, however, are real. Absolutely real.

Lil Poopy’s videos have been around for a couple months, but yesterday, he and his dad gave an interview to the Boston Herald and what do you know, he’s a regular kid when he’s not rapping and slapping video vixens’ asses in music videos. Lil Poopy seems completely serious about this whole thing.

Lil Poopy’s dad also divulged what everyone wanted to know: how’d Lil Poopy get his name?

He used to poop all over the place. He’d poop, and while I was changing his diaper, he’d poop again.

One look at Lil Poopy’s “Pop That” remix, one of his biggest hits so far, and you can tell it’s essentially the average rap video, given a sufficient budget to rent a couple of cars and a visibly bored woman to wipe them. And then, as you keep watching, you go through the following thought process: “Oh shit, that guy rapping is tiny. How old is he? Why does he sound like he’s nine years old? Wait, he’s actually nine years old? Shit.”

Truth be told, Lil Poopy’s flow isn’t bad. Again, he’s nine, so he probably had a little help with his bars, but that’s forgivable. “Riding in the backseat / that’s what bosses do” and “Who let the dogs out / roof, mine’s missing” in particular are cute. If it came down to it, I can comfortably state that I’d rather listen to Lil Poopy over French Montana. If you can’t get enough Lil Poopy, his mixtape’s here.