Here’s a Handy List of Things To Do During the Oncoming Blizzard

February 7, 2013 | Samer Kalaf

Did you hear? There’s snow coming. You’re fucked. But don’t panic! Here’s the process of how to survive this blizzard.


-Didn’t you see? There might be a substantial amount of snow. Panic.

-Overlook the fact that New England’s way more fucked than you. In some parts of New Hampshire, you need to drive half an hour to get to a fast food place. Just a little fact for you.

-Check Weather.com. “HISTORIC, EXTREME SNOW.” Alright.

-Check Twitter. Look at all those snow jokes! Wow.

-Consider getting supplies.

-Wait, when’s it supposed to start snowing?

-Eh, whatever.

-Check Twitter again.

-Make a joke about how the storm is named “Nemo” on Twitter. It’s like that movie, remember?

-Second-guess the wording in your tweet.

-Keep it anyway.

-Instagram the stuff you’re doing while snow inundates New York. Probably a drink and a book are optimal.

-Will the power go out? Ugh. What are you going to even do?

-Endure the storm, or lack thereof.

-Have fun!

(Photo: Jessie Hodge/Flickr)