Random Goat Ambles Around Brooklyn

February 7, 2013 | Samer Kalaf

Early this morning, police in Brooklyn were trying to wrangle a goat running around Bed-Stuy, because apparently that’s part of a policeman’s job now. The cops were (predictably) failing at it, until Seydou Ndiaye, a security guard who used to herd goats in West Africa, lent his services and stopped the horned menace that had logged in a mile of roaming around doing goat stuff before it was captured. The footage of three cops hauling a lassoed goat into the back of a cruiser is an amalgamation of hilarious and sad.

Thank you for volunteering to help a scared goat, Mr. Ndiaye. And to whoever owns the goat: Why the fuck do you own a goat in Brooklyn, you reckless dick? Your goat can stay, but you need to leave.

(Photo: NBC Philadelphia)