Put DVD in DeadDrop Hole,
Receive Rollin Leonard’s Vacation Photos

February 8, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Yes, that lamp has DEER HOOF FEET. No, that’s not Twin Peaks.

Remember Aram Bartholl’s digital art glory hole at the Museum of Moving Image in Queens? Volume 5 in launching today! Through March 14, bring your blank dvd to the DVD Dead Drop and it shall spit out the Best of Fach & Asendorf Gallery of net art, compiled by Ole Fach & Kim Asendorf. The inconspicuous slit along the Museum’s exterior will burn you an enormous collection of unreleased video, application, GIF, misc/etc. art by Anthony Antonellis, Art 404, Emilie Gervais, Jennifer Chan, Jonas Lund, Nick Briz, and Yoshi Sodeoka, among scores of others.


ANIMAL favorite Rollin Leonard’s new project will be on this DVD. See, Rollin found himself in a Midwestern cabin recently, so he took as many pictures as he could. Above is your preview.

I found lots of kitschy art created at the expense of Native American culture, Jeffery Dohmer-designed lamps featuring the hacked off limbs of deer, Popsicle stick sculptures, and busts of important people like Pope John Paul or President Kennedy.

So, Rollin Leonard made a GIF slideshow.

It is very Midwestern. I felt at home among those objects as much as I hated them because I’ve seen them in thrift stores, people’s homes, and in dusty little stores. My distaste for these things was nostalgic and personal. This is why it should be seen on a screen at home rather than presented on a huge wall.

Warning: Some of this… was… not pleasant. Think of the worst part of American decorating. Yes, that. We asked him how American he thought it was. Really, we’re not going to show you the rest of it yet. You’re just going to have to go and stick your disc in that hole.

Rollin curated the “Parcel” show at the Bronx Art Space very recently and is now working on a solo show for the Brooklyn Transfer by Kelani Nichole by Jereme Mongeon. He’s a lot of new work for that, “all of which includes body parts.” It will be like round two of his “Rearrangements” show that Rollin did for FA-g.org last year. Also, he’s working on a series of pixel shuffling animations intended for tiny personal screens. Oh God, yes.

“DVD Dead Drop 5,” Various Artists, Feb 8 – Mar 14, Museum of the Moving Image