Obligatory Image of Snowstorm From Space

February 8, 2013 | Bucky Turco

Back when I was a kid growing up on Long Island, we had snowstorms all the time, but we didn’t really make a big deal out of it. It just meant that we could go sledding at Captree Hill, throw snowballs at cars, or shovel people’s driveways to make money for weed. Fast forward a few decades and the world is a very different place. With the advent of the Internet and especially social media, all the rules have changed, and every single weather happening is now covered as if it were a world-ending event. Naturally, the converging of two winter storms over the East Coast is getting a lot of attention. So, brace yourselves and get prepared for the onslaught… of weather updates as the most important snowstorm of our (current) time gets ready to dump all over us. (Photo: NASA Goddard)