Occupy Movement Gets Turned Into a DC Comic

February 11, 2013 | Andy Cush

Multi-billion dollar comic book operation DC Comics is attempting to connect to the plight of the 99% via two new titlesThe Green Team, a series about a group of super-rich, one-percenter superheroes, and The Movement, a book subtitled “They were the super-powered disenfranchised–now they’re the voice of the people!” Obviously, there’s some tension when an enormous company like DC channels a grassroots organization like Occupy and makes money from it. And I hate to admit it, but those tensions aside, the titles sound pretty cool.

“It’s a book about power,” said The Movement writer Gail Simone in an interview. “Who owns it, who uses it, who suffers from its abuse. As we increasingly move to an age where information is currency, you get these situations where a single viral video can cost a previously unassailable corporation billions, or can upset the power balance of entire governments. And because the sources of that information are so dispersed and nameless, it’s nearly impossible to shut it all down.”

The Movement #1 will be released May 1, and The Green Team #1 will be available May 22.