Best New Art Meme: #EmojiArtHistory

February 12, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Whenever the internet brings us a new thing that can do things, it is certain that the people will figure out how to perform the following two tasks: (1) Show their dicks/boobs/etc/misc and (2) Do art.

So, about art. For Twitter, there’s  @glitchr_ @Pentametron and @everyword. For Tumblr, it’s Kate Durbin’s WomenAsObjects, PhoneArts, and RisingTensions. For the brand spankin’ new Vine, there’s The Unoffiial Vine NC-17 Very Short Film Festival, which is #art and said dicks/boobs/etc/misc </shameless plug>.

And this… this is beautiful. Thanks so much to Hyperallergic for showing us the #emojiarthistory meme this morning. It is exactly what it sounds like. It only works on your phone. It started on this the LadiesUpFront Tumblr. Then, naturally, Man Bartlett turned it into a hashtag. So… it’s famous artists… in prefabricated minimalist emoji form. Now go forth and nerd out. I have nothing else to say. Ok, this: Yessss.