Freemasons Finally Get Their Own Reality Show

February 13, 2013 | Bucky Turco

Freemasons have always had a bit of an image problem. Apparently, a clandestine fraternal order that counts world leaders among its ranks and which engages in secret occult rituals makes everyday Joes and Janes suspicious. So, over the past few decades, many Masonic organizations have tried to change the public’s perception of their mysterious group from a nefarious cabal of cloak wearing masters of the universe to a benevolent group of old men that one would expect to find at a Moose or Elks lodge.

Adding to this collective PR effort is a new 26 episode TV series called Freemasons: The Inside Story. It will profile masons in Victoria, Australia and promises that watchers will “gain unprecedented access into the truth about Freemasonry. Its people, its purpose and its past.” But with the majority of its members unaware of the more esoteric manifestations of the all-boys club, don’t expect any ‘Da Vinci Code’-like revelations. Instead, be prepared for a level of boredom that will likely make anyone watching never want to hear about the masons again, which was probably their plan all along.