Make Any Website Do the Harlem Shake

February 14, 2013 | Andy Cush

Here it is: the Harlem Shake to end all Harlem Shakes. The mobile developers at Moovweb created this ingenious bookmarklet, which gets the text, images, and other assets of any website dancing around to the Internet’s favorite Baauer track. To use it, just head here, drag the button onto your bookmarks bar, then click it on whatever site you want to see jam. Alternately, check out the demo video of the app in action.

“In the wake of the Harlem Shake viral video trend, the Moovweb team decided we would also create an office video, but we challenged ourselves to do it differently,” Ishan Anand, Moovweb’s Director of New Products, told ANIMAL. “After a team brainstorm, we came up with the idea to Harlem shake the web, and a group of developers worked to create the bookmarklet.”