Trippy Recycled DVDs Audio-Visual Mural

February 14, 2013 | Eugene Reznik

For a piece titled Sikka Magnum, artist Daniel Canogar repurposed 360 DVDs creating what he calls an “audio-visual mosaic.” The interdisciplinary artist known for incorporating old and outdate media into his work, arranged the the DVDs into the shape of a digital mandala, projecting onto its surface bits of their content, resulting in uber-trippy reflections of fragmented scenes cast back onto the gallery space and his audience. It’s like a supercut — on powerful drugs. For a more immersive, hypnotic, hallucinatory experience, he also remixes their soundtracks to play over the projection.

This along with three other multimedia installations that incorporate recycled 35 mm film, VHS tapes and analogue TVs are on view in Canogar’s solo exhibition where he takes dead formats most have cast aside and makes with them something very new. “Quadratura,” Daniel Canogar, Jan 27 – April 21, Bildmuseet Institute, Sweden