Angry, Naked Russian Man Is Upset That the Metro Is Closed

February 18, 2013 | Marina Galperina

We’re not short on New York subway freak-out videos here, but here’s a special gem for your Monday morning, from Russia with love. Or rather, from Russia with VERY, VERY ANGRY.

Here’s a gentleman simply trying to use the International Metro Station Stop in St. Petersburg. The only problem is that it’s closed. It’s a very big problem however, and the gentleman, seen here shouting profanities in sporty underwear mid-freezing winter, proceeds to chuck an inexplicable metal box upon the transparent metro doors. An authority appears, if only to make sure the doors are locked. And so, the gentleman proceeds to rage and swagger with exuberant masculine flamboyance like a goddamn caveman cowboy.

Highlights: That part where he lowers his underwear to make expressive masturbatory gestures at the doors. That part where he busts out in a delightful Russian two-step. That part where he addresses one of the four people recording the spectacle with a “Fuck, it’s cold.” Someone inquires, “What’ wrong?” to which he replies, “I want to go home!”

But he can’t. So he takes off his underwear some more for another triumphant stance, before swaggering off barefoot into the snowbanks with his clothes in a bundle. Like a boss.

Thank you, angry Russian man. That was very cathartic.