Anti-Subway Death Solution From the Anti-Muslim Artist

February 19, 2013 | Marina Galperina

While Staten Island artist Scott LoBaido is getting press attention for designing a system that will allegedly prevent further subway deaths, we’ve got two reasons for you to hate it.

Reason #1: It’s stupid. LoBaido’s “simple, common-sense concept” is for a long “safety rail ladder” to be installed beneath each subway platform in NYC. So, if someone should fall into the tracks, they can climb back out. The MTA rejected all his proposals, citing engineering technicalities and concerns that this will encourage people to climb down to the tracks because it’s a ladder.

Reason #2:  Scott LoBaido is an asshole.

In April 2011, Scott LoBaido travelled to Kansas to attract press to himself by protesting fellow publicity whores at the hate-mongering Westboro Baptist Church. He parked next to their house and painted an annoying painting on plywood surrounded by American Flags because he wanted to “alert the creative masses to use their 1st Amendment rights” on television. He proudly introduced himself by name. Scott LoBaido.


Now back up. There he is in April 2010, protesting the “Ground Zero Mosque” a.k.a. Park51, a community center blocks away from the former site of the World Trade Center towers. This time, however, he didn’t want to give his real name. Introducing himself as “John Q. Public” to the CBS reporter, LoBaido attempted to explain his plywood painting. It looks like an evil Muslim candy-baiting clown painting of some sort, but what it really means is…

“They have a right to build it constitutionally, but that doesn’t mean it should be built on this battlefield.”

Yup, he said “battlefield.” Yes, let’s all trust this guy. He looks totally sane.

Not. And even if he wasn’t an asshole, that’s a stupid idea. And his art sucks.