The L Train’s 1AM Rush Hour

February 20, 2013 | Andy Cush

A new analysis of MTA data by NYU grad student Carson Qing shows that the L train is every bit as busy at 1am every night of the week as it is during the traditional weekday rush hours. Qing believes the data shows that the MTA should increase service on the Canarsie-bound train, which has seen its ridership double since 2005. “They should not treat travel demands on all lines the same,” he said. “The L has very unique travel patterns that should be taken into account.”

An MTA spokesman pointed to service increases on the L last year when asked about the study. “Our ops planning department has and will continue to study ridership patterns, but it’s no secret the L is seeing higher ridership,” said Kevin Ortiz. “That’s why we added trains in June.”