New Screaming Females Music Video: When Art Contests Get Satanic

February 21, 2013 | Samer Kalaf

This is Screaming Females’ new video for their song “Poison Arrow” off of the EP Chalk Tape. Directed by Kate Sweeney, the video follows a cross-dressing art collective who evidently own at art contests. However, at the upcoming art contest, there’s a newcomer who’s all the rage, so the trio of artists (played by New Brunswick-based BANANAZZZ) schemes to find a way to take the competition out, even if the solution turns pernicious.

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”

Update: We had the chance to speak with Kate Sweeney and get more details. The idea for the video came about while Sweeney was talking with band member Marissa Paternoster about doing something regarding the “Michael’s Arts and Crafts culture” and how they felt “Poison Arrow” had a theme of revenge. The project developed from there.

“The crossdressing was Marissa’s idea stating that it is ‘always funny’ which is totally true,” Sweeney said.

Production of the “Poison Arrow” video spanned three days, and despite feeling rushed at times, Sweeney enjoyed everything about it, including the restrictions and minimal help.

“Shooting this video was super fun,” Sweeney said. “The crew were all volunteers which always adds an element of camaraderie on set, I’ve found that working with little to no budget is the most fun.”