Cops Are Looking Into Lil Poopy’s Welfare

February 25, 2013 | Samer Kalaf

When we last left Lil Poopy, he was being rapper who starred in music videos while being nine years old. Now, it seems that Lil Poopy’s dealing with his first run-in with the cops, but it’s not even his fault.

Police are investigating the welfare of Lil Poopy, after someone in charge of child welfare watched his music videos, which the AP describes as featuring Lil Poopy “slapping a woman’s buttocks, engaging in sexually suggestive dances and glorifying drug use and materialism.”

Lil Poopy’s dad, Luis Rivera, claims his rapping poopster is just acting, and there’s nothing criminal going on. The run-in with the cops is great material for a new mixtape, though.