Katsu Tags Minecraft:
Wow, Yeah, Whatever

February 25, 2013 | Marina Galperina

ANIMAL loves F.A.T. artists so much, you know? But here’s F.A.T.’s street artist Katsu braggingabout tagging in Minecraft, all like “The future of graffiti for me will be in the form of black hat tactics” and “MINECRAFT offers me a way to connect with my untainted inner youth and create expressions of criminal activity without the police punching me in the head or rival graffiti writers shooting at me.”

Wow. That’s really impressive. For a Minecraft n00b. I’ve seen epic monuments go up, humanoid totems with burning middle fingers that took hours and hours to build, subway stations in the middle of lakes that authentically replicate a vintage 70s architecture aesthetic, and traps with impossibly deep, secret, one-pixel-wide passage ways to Hell. I can’t do any of that for shit, but I’ve seen it done, maaan. I’ve seen it.

Now THIS is impressive.