Mayor Bloomberg’s Awesomely Awkward Flickr Account

February 26, 2013 | Andy Cush

Scattered amid the thousands of pictures of Michael Bloomberg speaking behind a podium, the official Flickr account of the mayor’s office contains a treasure trove of strange, hilarious, and otherwise notable images. We did the hard work so you don’t have to, scanning through 10,536 photos and picking out the the greatest hits.

Spider-Berg, Spider-Berg, does whatever a Spider-Berg does.

After six seasons of waiting, fans were shocked to learn Mayor Bloomberg had been the Gossip  Girl all along.


Ask him if he’s ever smoked a joint in the past, and he replies, ‘You bet I did, and I enjoyed it.‘”

Just a couple of good old boys enjoying the ballgame.

“Please, just keep these nice, upstanding gentlemen on the other side of the fence, thank you.”

Even when surrounded by pretty sailor ladies, Bloomberg is tortured by the plight of the constituency.

“I’m issuing an executive order for you to grab my face.”

GTL (grimace, tuxedo, laundry).

Existential crisis on aisle 4, existential crisis on aisle 4.

Bloomberg gets photobombed.

Baby!/I compare you to a kiss from a seal on the gray/Oooh/The more I get of you/The stranger it feels, yeeeeah

“Wait, are we being stop-and-frisked?”

I’m surprised no asshole made a “hipster Bloomberg” meme out of this one. Oh, wait.

The mayor does some light reading.

(Photos: nycmayorsoffice/Flickr)