Urine Test App Exists

February 27, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

No, you do not piss on your iPhone.

Mumbai-based innovator Myshkin Ingawale, who previously invented a needle-less hemoglobin testing system, brings us Ucheck, the world’s first visual urine testing app. To use Uchek, all you need to do is pee in a cup, insert a dipstick into said cup, and snap a photo of the stick with your smart phone. The app will then “read” the results, bringing you a comprehensive, easy-to-understand urinalysis within seconds.

As of now, the color-coding systems of dipstick urine tests vary from brand to brand, and getting results often requires a trip to the lab and can be quite expensive. Although the app has not yet been approved by Apple, it could vastly improve things for people suffering from diabetes, kidney, bladder, and liver issues, and other health problems requiring frequent urine testing. There’s even a nifty “email” button, so that you can share your results with family and friends!

Great! Can’t wait ’till the NYPD gets one of these for stop-and-pee drug tests.