KYUR8: Make Photo-Zines on Your Phone, Very Very Quickly

February 28, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Ding ding ding, new arty app alert! KYUR8 just launched this week and… hold one minute while a make a photo zine. Ok, done!

The app basically does two things: Allows you to create sleek, flippable mini-magazines in-phone with photos from your pic roll, Instagram, Facebook, etc. etc., just by tapping in assets into a simple layout presets and then to share it in every conceivable social media medium. Tap tap tap.

You can’t edit the zine after it’s done but you shouldn’t have to.

We’ve loved Vine and RAN WITH IT, but it might not be a perfect fit everyone. The photographers I’ve showed this to seem to like it, and Sandy Kim‘s already jumped into the mix.

I “curated” (KYUR8’ed?) this in under a minute with just some snapshots I took in LA. You can get A LOT fancier than this with minimal effort and you’re missing the “flipped page” transitions, but you get the idea. HEY MAKE ME SOME ART NOW WITH THIS NEW THING PLZ K TNX BYE.