New Hampshire Wants to Make Aerial Photography Illegal for Everyone but the Government

March 4, 2013 | Eugene Reznik

Neal Kurk, a Republican member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, is sponsoring legislation HB 619-FN to make aerial photography illegal in his state for everyone but the government.

A person is guilty of a class A misdemeanor if such person knowingly creates or assists in creating an image of the exterior of any residential dwelling in this state where such image is created by or with the assistance of a satellite, drone, or any device that is not supported by the ground.

This would render images made by paraglider, for instance, like those by George Steinmetz which made their way around the internet after his LENS blog profile, against the law and impossible.

Perhaps an effort to quell fears over drone-journalism, or worse yet, drone-Lomography, this measure would also likely make the Google Earth view of the state a bit like that of North Korea.

(Photo: George Steinmetz)