A Typographic Tribute to David Bowie

March 5, 2013 | Andy Cush

London’s Victoria and Albert Museum commissioned Mark Blamire to create a poster in honor of everyone’s favorite returning musical hero, David Bowie. And in recognition of the man’s “chameleon-like persona” Blamire wrangled no less than 100 other designers to contribute a typographic tribute. The result–101 Bowies done up in various fonts and hand-lettered styles–is a kaleidoscope of color and shape that reflects Ziggy Stardust’s long, strange trip.

“I think designers like to try and tear up the rule book or reinvent the wheel somehow when they approach a new project, and Bowie’s philosophy totally represents that idea,” Blamire told Co.Design. “[Bowie] evokes this sprit of throwing away and discarding old ideas and always reaching forward at keeping ahead of the curve creatively. He constantly moves forward, never looking backward…and it’s this pioneering spirit of Bowie that means he always remains credible and never out of fashion.”