Look at Animal Collective’s Multisensory Live Experience

March 5, 2013 | Eugene Reznik

Artist Abby Portner, who designed the album art for Animal Collective‘s latest Centipede Hz (and who is the sister of co-bandleader Avey Tare), has been the self-dubbed “visual person” for the band since the early 2000s, designing multilayered tour visuals that turn live music into a unified multisensory experience.

In collaboration with Creators Project, they’ve just released three live videos of tracks “Applesauce,” “Amanita” and “Moonjock,” that take it one extra step.

“As well as enjoying the band’s multilayered sonic imaginings and the richly realized stage set,” Kevin Holmes writes, “the performance is further augmented by Portner’s collaged visuals that erupt across the screen like psychedelic lens flare.”